The Battle of Britain Pocket Manual 1940

Pocket manual detailing the training and operations of the British pilots, ground crew and anti-aircraft gunners.
Publication date:
July 2020
Publisher :
Casemate Publishers
Editor :
Chris McNab
Series :
Pocket Manual
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ISBN : 9781612008691

Dimensions : 198 X 128 mm
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• 2020 is the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain
• Gives an explanation of the training that Battle of Britain pilots would havead
• Covers anti-aircraft tactics and training
• Clothbound and with retro-styling, this volume will appeal to those interested in life in Britain during World War II

In the summer of 1940, Britain stood alone. For three long months, brave young RAF pilots took off every day, ready to defend British skies against large-scale Luftwaffe raide. 'The Few' were young, but they were trained and they were determined. Eighty years on the last of the pilots to fly in the Battle of Britain are feted, and their part in World War II is widely remembered.

This pocket manual covers the training that these young pilots would have had, and the air combat tactics they were taught to use against the German raiders. It also covers the role of the ground crews; control and command systems; anti-aircraft defences; and radar and raid detection.


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