The Battle of the Bulge - Volume 2

The Failure of the Final Blitzkrieg

Philippe Guillemot

Publication date:
January 2016
Publisher :
Histoire et Collections
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ISBN : 9782352504009

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This second book presents the reader with the Northern attack on part of the 6th Panzer army whose commitment in the Battle of Ardennes represented the "baptism of fire.” By studying the thousands of archives on the American and German forces, the author revisits this division that must have been the main way through which Hitler hoped to reverse in his favour the outcome of the war.

In this work, Philippe Guillemeot invites us to follow the ferocious and bloody cavalcade of the Kampfgruppen of the 1st SS-Panzer Division, the unsuccess of the "Hitler Youth” against the fierce resistance of the GI's, and the force of the II.SS-Panzerkorps.

One chapter is clearly dedicated to the special operations schemed by the German parachutists and the ineffable Otto Skorzeny.


These two books covering the Battle of the Bulge offer a wide range of information covering every aspect of the battle both land and air. They are a great testament to the men who fought on both sides of the conflict.