The Battle of Val Es Dunes

Summer 1047, when the "Bâtard" became the Duke

Jean-Paul Hauguel

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July 2016
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ISBN : 9782815102995

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• The decisive but lesser known tumultuous early years of William the Conqueror.

Duke William of Normandy (1027-1087) is best known for his conquest of England but his eventful and chaotic youth is often forgotten. William inherited the Dukedom at the age of eight when his father, Robert the Magnificent, died in 1035 on his return from a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. However, many of the barons who had sworn allegiance to the young Duke before his father had left, now refused to obey a bastard. They dragged Normandy into civil war, immersing the province in blood and fire. The young Duke himself narrowly escaped death a number of times and had to go into hiding. He reappeared in 1040 resulting in further revolts increasing in intensity in 1046. It becomes imperative that the young Duke imposes his authority on his Dukedom. William now enters an episode which will determine the rest of his life at the battle of Val es dunes. The result of this battle will not only determine the future of Normandy but also that of England and France itself.