The Book of Perilous Dishes

Doina Rusti

A fast-paced adventure story based on real historical events.
Publication date:
March 2022
Publisher :
Neem Tree Press
Illustration :
Two maps
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ISBN : 9781911107439

Dimensions : 203 X 127 mm
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ISBN : 9781911107446

Dimensions : 198 X 129 mm
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• Best-selling book in Romania with highly regarded and prolific author; it has already been translated into many languages
• Author has many best-selling books and has won many prizes
• Fantastical historic fiction mixes elements of magic and folklore for a dark and playful tale that traverses Europe at the turn of the 18th century
• The geography where the story is set has a tumultuous history and the book very atmospherically brings this to life

1798 Bucharest: A magical, dark adventure

A year full of intrigue and political machinations: a slave-chef lives in Bucharest, sought after by everyone. His cooking is sublime, satisfying even the sophisticated tastes of the Prince, who steals him from his rightful owner and installs him in the Palace. However, no one knows that the chef has in his possession a witch's recipe book: the Book of Perilous Dishes. The recipes in this magical book can bring about damaging sincerity, forgetfulness, the gift of prediction, or hysterical laughter. And the rightful owner of this book is fourteen-year-old Pâtca, initiated in the occult arts. Pâtca comes to Bucharest, to her uncle, Cuviosu Zăval, to recover this book, but she finds him murdered and the Book of Perilous Dishes has disappeared without trace. All that Zăval has left her is a strange map she must decipher. Travelling from Romania to France and on to Germany to do so, Patca's family's true past and powers are revealed, as is her connection to Silica the cook…