The Bulgarian Air Force in World War II

Germany's Forgotten Ally

Eduardo M. Gil Martinez

Publication date:
July 2017
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Library of Armed Conflicts
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ISBN : 9788365437556

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The intervention of the German Air Force, called Luftwaffe, during World War II is well known by those interested in this conflict, due to the large number of works dealing about it. Much less well-known are the air forces of Germany's allied countries, although in the last years excellent works appear about these ones. Among them, perhaps the least known and treated is Bulgarian Air Force (although its more exact name would be Royal Bulgarian Air Force) because of its lesser degree of participation in the war unlike other countries like Hungary, Romania or Finland. That is the reason why Bulgarian Air Force is Germany's forgotten ally…


A great 'potted history' which is very accessible and some great modelling inspiration.
Air Modeller

The history of one of the lesser known Axis air forces is interesting and enlightening...might well be an inspiration for some modellers to have a go at building a collection of models which display the different markings and colour schemes seen on BAF aircraft.
Military Model Scene