The Canadians at Falaise

16th/17th August 1944

Jean-Luc Leleu

The fight in the town of Falaise wasn't as hard as it has been said before. This book shows that the Hitler Youth didn't intend to fight to the death
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June 2007
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Ysec Editions
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ISBN : 9782846730563

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• The true story of the Hitlerjugend fight at Falaise
• The Liberation of Falaise by the Canadian

"The mission to clear up the last strongholds of resistance in Falaise fell to the Mont-Royal Fusiliers ans the task was far from easy. About 60 diehards from the Hitler Youth were entrenched in the Ecole Superieure (a primary school), in the town centre. The building was surrounded by a thick wall and overhung the main street which crossed the southern side of Falaise from east to west. Resistance ceased at 2 a.m. on 18th August while the riflemen were lauching an attack under a German air raid which pounded enemies and allies alike. The school was sent on fire. Four Germans were reported to have escaped, the others "fought to the death", non surrendered”. This was how the official Canadian history, written by Colonel Stacey, reported the last stage of the fighting in Falaise. The author of this book, Jean-Luc Leleu, shows that this account of the battle is a myth : the Germans did not intend to fight to the death, but fled during the air raid, saving their lives.