The Corridor of the Death

Mortain-Falaise-Argentan 1944

Philippe Wirton, Frederic Leterreux, Georges Bernage

An essential volume about the end of the Battle of Normandy
Publication date:
December 2015
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ISBN : 9782840483809

Dimensions : 297 X 210 mm
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The "Corridor of the Death" is the bottleneck of the famous Falaise-Argentan pocket, where the German fighting forces will be destroyed by Allied power. The Germans will leave several thousand dead and 40,000 prisoners in the pocket, after half of them managed to break through. This book tells this hell.

The Battle of Mortain with incredible revelations: conspiritors of July 20th leading the counter-attack? The fights day by day with various testimonies and anecdotes, but also details never seen before on the engagement of panzer units in the Argentan area. An event book beautifully illustrated by an abundant iconography.