The Double Zero


Marilee Richards

Winner of the 2018 May Sarton New Hampshire Poetry Prize
Publication date:
March 2019
Publisher :
Bauhan Publishing
Illustration :
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ISBN : 9780872332805

Dimensions : 215 X 165 mm
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Judge David Blair writes: "This is a poet with range--sympathies, anger, tragedy, other people, love, humor. . . . Richards writes unsentimental poems that road-trip through our times and look around at who is with us when we stop to fill up our cars at gas stations, [who] has been with us in offices . . . she reminds us of what the country has gained in consciousness and freedom, . . . what sorrows and suicides we have left necessarily behind, as the bus pulls up at the curb in the don't-you-get-it-yet years we have been motoring through lately.”