The Filthy Thirteen

The True Story of the Dirty Dozen

Jake McNiece, Richard Killblane

Offers a glimpse into one of America's most brutal fighting outfits Since World War II, the US 101st Airborne Division has achieved legendary status.
Publication date:
March 2018
Publisher :
Casemate Publishers
Illustration :
16 pages of plates
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ISBN : 9781612005942

Dimensions : 198 X 128 mm
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Since World War II, the American public has become fully aware of the exploits of the 101st Airborne Division, but within the ranks of the 101st there existed a notorious sub-unit whose formidable reputation has persisted among veterans over the decades.

Primarily products of the Dustbowl and the Depression, and never ones to salute an officer, or take a bath, the Filthy 13 attained legendary status within the Screaming Eagles for its hard drinking, and savage fighting skill - and that was only in training.


The true story of the Dirty Dozen is fascinating, funny, thrilling, fantastic, and larger than life.
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