The Home Front

Derbyshire in the First World War

Scott Christopher Lomax

Publication date:
February 2016
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
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The First World War saw many changes to Derbyshire that helped shape what the county is today. This book details the human experiences, thoughts, concerns, fears and hopes of the county during one the most important periods of its history. All aspects of civilian life are featured, including the run up to war and the reaction to its outbreak; the recruitment of men to the forces and the eventual conscription; the efforts of those who could not fight; industry and the munitions factories, where workers built the weapons and tools that helped win the war; the impact on agriculture and the role of farmers in feeding the nation; food shortages and rationing; the role of women; the role of the county in helping wounded servicemen and providing comforts and funds for those overseas; Belgian refugees; conscientious objectors and an alleged plot to kill the Prime Minister; anti-German feeling, hostility to Germans living in the county, and prisoners of war; civil defence and a Zeppelin raid that brought destruction and fear. For the first time in its history, the people of Derbyshire realised that the horrors of war were not confined to overseas battles but they could be witnessed and experienced in their own neighbourhoods.