The Indian Army in the First World War

New Perspectives

Alan Jeffreys

A reassessment of the role of the Indian Army during the First World War, showing its importance globally.
Publication date:
April 2018
Publisher :
Helion and Company
Series :
War & Military Culture in South Asia
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c 7 ills & 2 maps
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ISBN : 9781911512783

Dimensions : 234 X 156 mm
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• Demonstrates the global role of the Indian Army during the First World Wa
• First edited volume on the Indian Army during the First World War for almost 40years
• Brings together established and early career scholars
• Published during the hundredth anniversary of the First World War

The book addresses the important global role of the Indian Army during the First World War. It is an academic reassessment of the army by both established and early career scholars of the Indian Army, as well as naval historians. It looks at the historiography of the army - taking into account the recent work on the army (particularly on the Western Front in 1914-1915). The edited volume covers the traditional areas of the Indian Army on the Western Front, in Palestine, Mesopotamia and the defence of the Suez Canal; however, there are also chapters on combined operations; Indian prisoners of war in Germany and Turkey; the expansion of the officer corps; and the Sikh experience, as well as the mobilisation of the equine army at the beginning of the war and the demobilisation of the army in the period from 1918 until 1923. Three additional chapters are related to the theme, such as the role of the Royal Indian Marine; the Territorial Army in India; and Churchill's portrayal of the Indian Army during the Gallipoli campaign in his account The World Crisis.


Alan Jeffreys, who is emerging as one of the leading historians of the military experience of the Raj, has done an outstanding job in bringing together both leading experts and new voices to produce a work of originality and importance that deserves to be widely read.

An important contribution to the subject literature, all contributors should be commended as well as the publishers and editor.
Society of Friends of the National Army Museum

[The book] is informative - of value to the Indian Army tyros and those with a particular interest in the topic … it is difficult to other than recommend this work…
Stand to!

… an essential companion to the earlier volumes in the series; Die in Battle Do Not Despair, Indians on Gallipoli and Approach to Battle - Training The Indian Army, 1939-47.
Military Historical Society Bulletin