The Insider's Guide to Choosing & Buying a Yacht

Expert Advice to Help You Choose the Perfect Yacht

Duncan Kent

Publication date:
February 2011
Publisher :
Fernhurst Books
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This book offers practical advice to ensure you choose the right yacht for your sailing needs and budget.
Potential buyers are guided through every stage of the process, from deciding on hull design and accommodation to deck layout and keel shape. There is information on construction materials and help in deciding what sort of craft would best suit your needs, including clever ways to ‘try before you buy’.
Expert guidance will help you decide whether to buy a new or used yacht, and both buying processes are carefully explained to ensure your investment is protected. Hidden costs are revealed and there are tips on conducting your own boat test and initial survey. Sections on registration, VAT and insurance will help you cut through the red tape.
Don’t buy a yacht without reading this first!