The Iran-Iraq War - Volume 4

Iraq's Triumph

Tom Cooper, E.R. Hooton, Farzin Nadimi

Publication date:
February 2018
Publisher :
Helion and Company
Series :
Middle East@War
Illustration :
120 photos, 15 artworks, 5-6 maps & 4-5 diags
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ISBN : 9781911512455

Dimensions : 297 X 210 mm
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• Covers one of the 20th centuries bloodiest conflicts
• Researched from a wide array of sources including Iranian and Iraqi materials
• Fully-illustrated with photographs and colour artworks and maps

The Iran-Iraq War was one of the bloodiest conflicts of the 20th Century and accidentally created the current nightmare of Islamic fundamentalist terrorism. There have been many books on the conflict but this is the first detailed military history using materials from both sides, as well as materials obtained from US Intelligence circles and British Governmental archives. It provides a unique insight into a war which began through miscalculation and rapidly escalated into the longest conventional conflict in the post-Second World War era. The third volume covers the last two years of the war on the Southern front, where Iranians made their last supreme effort to break through Iraqi lines during the winter of 1986-1987. Iraqi defences just about held. For a year, there was an ominous silence, but then Iraq launched a series of devastating blows that recovered the Faw Peninsula, pulverised weakly-occupied Iranian positions, and drove the frontlines back to the international border. Iran was left with no option but to sue for peace.


Volume 4 of this fascinating account of the Itan-Iraq War. The worrying thing is that nothing seems to have changed, at least not for the better…
Books Monthly

This conflict may have been nearly 30 years ago now but reading this book reminds me how little has been learned.
Classic Military Vehicle Magazine

As with the previous volumes, the current title offers a good mix of high-quality photographs and well written text, mainly at the operational and strategic levels.
Miniature Wargames - Chris Jarvis

This book is a valuable addition to the Middle East War series and deserves a place in the collection of anyone interested in the military conflicts of the region. Modellers will be rewarded with a valuable visual reference, as well as an inspiring read which will have you poking around in your stash, looking at your AFV kits in a different light. Highly recommended.