The Light Cruiser Yahagi

Mariusz Motyka

Publication date:
September 2015
Publisher :
Series :
Super Drawings in 3D
Illustration :
118 renders; 18 anaglyphs 3D; Double sheet A2 with the plans
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ISBN : 9788364596667

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Yahagi, the second Japanese warship of that name, was the third of the four Agano-class vessels (the other three being Agano, Noshiro and Sakawa). Construction of the Agano-class cruisers was approved by the Japanese parliament (Diet) in March 1939 under the Fourth Naval Armaments Enhancement Program (Dai-Yon-Ji Kaigun Gunbi Jūjitsu Keikaku), also known as "Four-in-Circle” Program (Maru Yon Keikaku), or simply Maru 4. Under the terms of the program, the four light cruisers (kei jun'yōkan), also referred to as type B cruisers (otsu-gata jun'yōkan, or simply otsu jun) and officially classed as second-class cruisers (ni-tō jun'yōkan), were to fulfill the role of destroyer squadron flagships. At that time destroyer squadrons (DesRon), called literarily torpedo squadrons (suirai sentai), consisted of four four-ship destroyer divisions (DesDiv, or kuchiku-tai).


an excellent painting guide for modellers.
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If you're building the Yahagi in any scale then this is the only reference book you need.
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