The New American Revolution Handbook

Facts and Artwork for Readers of All Ages

Theodore P. Savas, J. David Dameron

Publication date:
August 2010
Publisher :
Savas Beatie
Illustration :
150 photos, illustrations, and maps
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ISBN : 9781932714937

Dimensions : 229 X 152 cm
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• Clear and concise illustrated introduction to the world at war during the American Revolution

This remarkable new handbook makes studying the Revolutionary War simple and pleasurable. The authors use clear and concise writing broken down into short and easy to understand chapters complete with original maps, tables, charts, and dozens of drawings to trace the history of the Revolution from the beginning of the conflict through the final surrender in 1783.

The New American Revolution Handbook includes a wide range of topics and subjects, many of which are ignored or glossed over in traditional texts, such as women, Native Americans, African Americans, the Dutch, the Germans, the Spanish, the French, technology, numbers and losses, and much more. The handbook also covers military organizations, services, commanders and references and recommendations for additional research. Experienced readers will readily identify the value of ship lists, organizational charts, and flags of the war.

Exciting, informative and educational, The New American Revolution Handbook will be an especially useful tool for both students and teachers as a reference book or a leisure read, providing hours of exploration into a world at war that continues to impact our lives today.

About the Authors

Theodore P. Savas practised law for many years before moving into book publishing. J. David Dameron is retired from the U.S. Army, where he served with the 82nd Airborne Division and the 7th Special Forces Group. He has authored several books including A Guide to the Battles of the American Revolution (with Theodore P. Savas).