The Nivelle Offensive and the Battle of the Aisne 1917

The Nivelle Offensive and the Battle of the Aisne 1917

A Battlefield Guide to the Chemin des Dames

Andrew Uffindell

Publication date:
July 2015
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
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The notorious plateau of the Chemin des Dames saw some of the heaviest fighting of the First World War. Situated just 100 km north-east of Paris, it was the scene in 1917 of the bitterly-controversial Nivelle offensive, which is remembered today as one of the worst disasters in military history.
For battlefield tourists, the Chemin des Dames is among the most fascinating sites on the entire Western Front, yet until now there has never been a detailed English guide to the actions that raged there in 1917. This new book by Andrew Uffindell fills that gap: as well as demolishing the many myths about the Nivelle offensive, it enables readers to explore the remarkable battlefield for themselves.
Five tours supplemented by forty-six stops at individual places of interest provide an exceptional insight into the struggle for the Chemin des Dames. Illustrated with a wealth of maps and photographs, this book will be essential reading for anyone interested in the First World War.