The Normandy Landing Beaches from above

Yves Buffetaut

A photographer's book of aerial photographs, with captions of a renown historian
Publication date:
April 2010
Publisher :
Ysec Editions
Contributor(s) :
François Levalet
Illustration :
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ISBN : 9782846731874

Dimensions : 17 X 23 mm
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• Very good colour photographs taken from a kite of the landing beaches
• Easy to read texts about each places shown by the photographs

The Normandy landings have spawned hundreds of publications in the last 75 years, but until now, not a single one showed the main landings sites from above. The photographs in this book, taken by François Levalet with the help of a kiten form a series of astonishing compositions : a brand new way of seeing the landing beaches and of discovering, from a completely new angle, places you thought you know very well. Yves Buffetaut texts put the photos into perspective, and offer, in a few pages, a very complete overview of the D-Day landings.