The Rescue They Called a Raid

The Jameson Raid 1895-96

David Snape

The Jameson Raid and its effects on Governments and individuals in their attempts to expand the British Empire.
Publication date:
February 2021
Publisher :
Helion and Company
Series :
From Musket to Maxim
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10 b/w ills, 2 lists & 2 maps
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ISBN : 9781913118778

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• Describes the motives of the individuals involved in the context of nationalism and capitalism
• Examines the relationship between Rhodes, Jameson and Chamberlain in the context of Imperial expansion
• Examines the British Governments involvement through the Inquiries and demonstrates how they were manipulated to protect it
• Describes the fate of the Raiders and the important figures in Johannesburg as a result of their involvement in the Raid

Almost one hundred and twenty five years ago, a Scottish adventurer attempted to expand the British Empire in South Africa with the backing of a mere 500 men. He was part of a conspiracy of entrepreneurs, gold magnates and politicians, each of whom had different motives for supporting and encouraging his actions. Leander Starr Jameson's Raid failed miserably. It almost brought down the British Government, destroyed the career of one of the most eminent South African Statesmen, nearly caused a war with the South African Republic and exposed Britain to international ridicule. It was a failed attempt to expand the Empire on the cheap.

This book, using a number of contemporary sources, examines the motives for Jameson's actions, the reasons for the Raid's failure and its consequences for those involved. It attempts to answer the extent of the involvement of the British Colonial Office and its Secretary of State, Joseph Chamberlain and how he, Cecil Rhodes, Paul Kruger and Jameson worked for their own and their countries best interests which were not necessarily one in the same.It also considers the part played by the dignitaries in Johannesburg and the consequences of their lukewarm support of Dr Jameson.

The book contains a detailed examination of the two Inquiries which were held as a result of the Raid and a blow by blow account of the evidence given by their many witnesses. Reactions in the British Parliament and the fate of the Raiders are particular features of this work,as is how the actions of those swept up in the plans of the key players were to affect their future careers.