The Right Choice

An aviation story of deceit and disaster

Tony Blackman

Publication date:
October 2007
Publisher :
Blackman Associates
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The Right Choice describes a competition between two manufacturers trying to sell their latest aircraft to an airline in the Philippines, both firms desperate to win. In the real world many tales are told about how such competitions are won and lost using every trick available. The contest in this book describes such a competition and the enormous pressures on the sales teams and demonstration pilots to win. The competing aircraft have to fly into small airfields in monsoon weather conditions, the critical airfield being on the side of a volcano surrounded by hills. Peter Talbert, aviation expert, is asked by the airine's insurance company to evaluate not only the airline but also the aircraft and finds himself a key player in the middle of the fight. Underhand methods are used in an attempt to win an advantage and the resulting deceit ends in disaster. This book is the third of an ongoing series of aviation mysteries featuring Peter Talbert and Mandy, his solicitor partner , and will appeal to all who fly, not just aviation enthusiasts.