Three days in Hell

7-9 juin 1944

Georges Bernage, Frederick Jeanne

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June 2016
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ISBN : 9782840484554

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• An account of the many atrocities that occurred just after D-Day, examined in comprehensive detail.

June 7, 1944. The Allies have landed in Normandy, where they have set a bridgehead : yet this one is narrow and fragile. The Canadians sprint on to Carpiquet, but their attack is crushed by panzers of the Hitlerjugend Division that have just rejoined the frontline. Canadians and Germans are going to fight each other violently, and the tension is at its highest - some Canadian soldiers are murdered in Buron, and at the Ardenne Abbey.


June 8, 1944. The Winnipegs are crushed by a German counter-attack in Putot. Some German soldiers are executed on Hill 102, and some Canadian soldiers are executed in Audrieu and Le Mesnil-Patry. Who are the people responsible for those actions ? For the first time, the mystery is partially unveiled. Then, the crazy night attack on Bretteville-l'Orgueilleuse - some panzers will burn and light this terrible night.


June 9, 1944. The "Ribbentrop Company” attacks Norrey : seven Panther tanks are destroyed. The Hitlerjugend's counter-attack is stopped. In Norrey, this is "the accident” : shrapnel wipe out a lot of civilians. The acme of horror has been reached.


Thanks to a large number of testimonies, given by the combatants and the Norman civilians - who also suffered a lot during the battle -, this book offers a degree of precision never reached regarding the Battle of Normandy. The wartime and current pictures, the portraits of soldiers and civilians, the maps and the plans make this book a real movie of these "three days in hell” between Bayeux and Caen, while

the frontline was still not stabilized, while the soldiers were trying to go from one enemy strongpoint to another, and while the civilians did not know where the danger was…


This is primarily a history book covering these 3 days and the fighting between the Canadian and the Germans. It covers this excellently and the addition of testimony from the local French population shows how hellish it must have been for all sides. The photographs will be of some use to us modellers as well. Highly recommended.

Yet another fascinating book from Heimdal and Georges Bernage for anyone interested in the Normandy battlefields.

For the researchers and enthusiasts of this period, this book is a treasure trove.
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