To the Bitter End

The Final Battles of Army Groups A, North Ukraine, Centre-Eastern Front, 1944-45

Rolf Hinze

Publication date:
January 2006
Publisher :
Helion and Company
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This is a penetrating and detailed account of the climactic battles of the German forces in Slovakia, the Carpathians, parts of Poland, Silesia and Saxony, from autumn 1944 until the end of the war.

The author provides excellent detail on the movements and actions of numerous German units, and the text covers all major actions including the battle for the Vistula bridgeheads, the epic siege of Breslau, and the final desperate actions around Bautzen and Dresden. Appendices include comprehensive orders-of-battle.

A large number of detailed battle maps are also included. Key sales points: Continues Helion's translation of key German texts on the last phase of the war on the Eastern Front. Presents information previously unavailable in English.

A detailed text is accompanied by photos and maps along with extensive orders-of-battle.