Twenty-Fourth Michigan

Donald Smith

Publication date:
May 2018
Publisher :
Stackpole Books
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ISBN : 9780811737333

Dimensions : 229 X 153 mm
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In the tradition of the great regimental histories of the past, this book records the fire which seared the ranks of the Twenty-Four Michigan Regiment of the legendary "Iron Brigade.”
Born as the result of a riot, led by a Virginian, met with coldness and hostility by the black-hatted veterans of the brigade, the Twenty-Fourth swore it would win their respect…and so they did with a vengeance.
At Fredericksburg, in "artillery hell” and under a murderous crossfire from the guns of "Stonewall” Jackson and "Jeb” Stuart, they performed the manual of arms to stead the line. The first day at Gettysburg they sparked this remark from the confederate ranks…”That ain't no milishy, there's those damn black hats again.” With the immortal First Corps they were ordered west of the town to hold long enough for the army to occupy the strategic heights behind them. They held, and by evening they had lost more men than any of the 400-odd Union regiments engaged in the battle.
Still later they marched down "that crimson strip