U. S. Half-Tracks, Part 1

The development and deployment of the U.S. Army’s half-track vehicles

David Doyle

A fully illustrated reference book featuring period photos and line drawings.
Publication date:
February 2015
Publisher :
The Ampersand Group
Series :
The Military Machine
Illustration :
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ISBN : 9780989554763

Dimensions : 288 X 225 mm
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• Excellent reference for modelers and vehicle enthusiasts
• Several plastic kits available

The development and deployment of the U.S. Army's half-track vehicles The first title in the Military Machine series is U.S. Half-tracks. Written by noted vehicle historian David Doyle, This massive 456-page book covers all aspects of the half-track's development and use, from early concepts to its deployment across the globe in WWII. Extensive essays describe the M2 Scout Car, M2, M3, M5 and M9 series of vehicles in tremendous detail. The chapter structure of each type covers development, training and combat. This coverage features hundreds of the excellent U.S. Government "laboratory” photos, as well as photos taken during training in the United States. Featured locations include the Tennessee and Louisiana maneuvers and the Desert Training Center. Combat coverage of all types runs from North Africa, to Italy, to the ETO and the Pacific. Also included are extensive appendices, featuring detailed technical specifications, registration number data, Modification Work Order (MWO) illustrations, TO&E and detailed scale drawings of selected types. Rounding out this exquisite volume is a short color section that features period color photos, as well as period color advertisements by the half-track's various manufacturers. This lavishly illustrated volume contains over 850 images, many published here for the very first time.


These books are good value for the price when you consider how many photos are contained within the covers…a very useful set providing invaluable information.
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