A Simple Guide to the Crimes of the Trump Campaign and Presidency

Sara Azari

Unprecedented is a simple, go-to guide to the many legal issues engulfing the Donald Trump presidency.
Publication date:
March 2020
Publisher :
Potomac Books, Inc.
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ISBN : 9781640122994

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Unprecedented is a user's manual for anyone who wants to understand the criminal and constitutional issues related to the Trump administration. The book is a case study of crimes, constitutional violations, and defenses seen through the lens of the Trump White House, from Donald Trump's candidacy in 2016 through the present. In a colorful, engaging, and easy-to-read style, attorney Sara Azari covers the Trump campaign and administration characters who, one by one, are being charged with crimes. Azari explains the crimes, evidence, defenses, and investigations of White House aides and political figures in an understandable, clear way. As a white-collar criminal defense attorney with nearly two decades of experience in federal courts nationwide, Azari's expertise uniquely qualifies her to form legal opinions about the magnitude of the Trump administration's crimes and wrongdoings based on how the law applies to each person and situation. In Unprecedented, Azari applies the law objectively to the actual facts as we know them and analyzes each case impartially, regardless of the personality involved. Whether it's Donald Trump or the average person on the street—her legal opinion would be the same based only on that person's conduct under the law.

Right now, no publication or person is cutting through the legal jargon to explain plainly, in approachable language, the controversies of the Trump administration. Unprecedented does just that. Readers will take away a depth of understanding that leads to informed opinions and more meaningful discussion about what we read and hear in the news. They can use this unique guide to shatter the mystery surrounding the legal issues that pertain to the current presidency and administration.