Vice Capades

Sex, Drugs, and Bowling from the Pilgrims to the Present

Mark Stein

Publication date:
July 2017
Publisher :
Potomac Books, Inc.
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ISBN : 9781612348940

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• Vice Capades delves much farther back into American history than other histories on vice in America, exploring not only the major events and documented episodes that led to current attitudes and behaviors but also how those events, episodes, and behaviors shaped the nation into what it is today. Covers a variety of examples of vice, including everything from juggling, tabacco, and the bikini to present-day drugs, movies, and video games. Mark Stein is a well-known best-selling author who has marketing connections with television, radio, and print.

From outlawing bowling in colonial America to regulating violent video games and synthetic drugs today, Mark Stein's Vice Capades examines the nation's relationship with the actions, attitudes, and antics that have defined morality. This humorous and quirky history reveals that our views of vice are formed not merely by morals but by power. While laws against nude dancing have become less restrictive, laws restricting sexual harassment have been enacted. While marijuana is no longer illegal everywhere, restrictive laws have been enacted against cigarettes. Stein examines this nation's inconsistent moral compass and how the powers-that-be in each era determine what is or is not deemed a vice. From the Puritans who founded Massachusetts with unyielding, biblically based laws to those modern purveyors of morality who currently campaign against video game violence, Vice Capades looks at the American history we all know from a fresh and exciting perspective and shows how vice has shaped our nation, sometimes without us even knowing it.