Victor Moody

Publication date:
September 2012
Publisher :
Liss Llewellyn Fine Art
Editor :
Sacha Llewellyn, Paul Liss
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ISBN : 9780956713940

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Victor Hume Moody created timeless images of an Arcadian idyll at a time when most artists had turned their backs on the classical tradition. The centuries old heritage of Western art was too inspiring and too valuable for him to simply abandon. Over a working life of nearly 70 years he tirelessly researched and worked to revive traditional painting techniques. At the same time he
created a unique fusion of classical figure composition and the pastoral English landscape.
Since Victor Moody died his work has been widely seen and his reputation has steadily risen. The Harris Museum in Preston held a retrospective exhibition, ‘The Last Classicist', in 1992 and more recently his work featured in the 2010 exhibition ‘Counterpoint - Modern Realism 1910-1950' held at the Fine Art Society. The dispersal of works from the Estate of the artist's daughter, which has made this present catalogue possible, represents a further important
moment in the rehabiliation of Victor Moody's reputation. It is hoped that his work will, as a result, continue to become more widely seen and better understood.