Vyborg 1944

The Last Soviet-Finnish Campaign on the Eastern Front

Bair Irincheev

The first extensive English-language description of the Vyborg Offensive undertaken in summer 1944 by the Leningrad Front against Finland.
Publication date:
September 2020
Publisher :
Helion and Company
Illustration :
c 75 b/w photos, colour maps
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ISBN : 9781912390274

Dimensions : 245 X 170 mm
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• Extensive use of Soviet and Finnish archives
• Veteran interviews and recollections from both sides
• Description of the battle in the bigger scope of 1944

The war between the Soviet Union and Finland in 1941-44 is much less known in the West and in Russia than the Winter War 1939-40. For Finland the Continuation War is one of cornerstones of national identity. The Vyborg offensive, the battle that ended this war, is described very differently in Russian and Finnish literature. This book attempts to provide an extensive description of the build-up and course of the battle as well as the diplomatic games that lay behind it, including role of the Tehran Conference between the Allies.

The book covers all the main battlefields of the Vyborg offensive - both ones where the Leningrad front was victorious and where it failed. The author tries to give credit to simple soldiers on both sides and provides not only statistics but also recollections and memories of men who were there.

Extensive archival research in Russia and Finland was undertaken, as well as numerous trips to the actual battlefields that lie less than 100 miles north from Saint Petersburg. The book includes photos and maps of the operations.

The final part of the book summarises the end of hostilities between the Soviet Union and Great Britain on one side and Finland on another.