War, Terror & Peace In The Qur'an And In Islam

Insights for Military and Government Leaders

T. P. Schwartz-Barcott

T. P.
Publication date:
November 2005
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Stackpole Books
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ISBN : 9780970968227

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T. P. Schwartz-Barcott has taken 230 Muslim battles from the years 624 through the Afghanistan-Iraq war and, combined with incisive evaluation of scripture from the Qur'an as used by Muslim warriors, has deducted some surprising--and highly useful--patterns of warfare and combat behavior that will prove enormously useful in dealing realistically with Muslims in combat should their present anti-Western operations continue throughout the world. An amazing compilation of, and objective research into, Muslim warfare. Especially useful for government and military leaders who must deal with Muslims in combat situations. Critically reviewed by prominent internationalists and praised for its practical and realistic insights into the motivations and patterns of behavior of Muslim warriors.