Yachting Monthly's Expert Sailing Skills

No Nonsense Advice That Really Works

Tom Cunliffe

Publication date:
April 2012
Publisher :
Fernhurst Books
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Become a better yachtsman with the help of Tom Cunliffe and Yachting Monthly.
There are plenty of sailing and seamanship skills that don't feature on the syllabus of even the most advanced official sailing course - and a wealth of wisdom can be found in these pages. There's advice on everything from fixing an engine to recovering a casualty from the water - and all of it is delivered with lively prose and hundreds of easy to follow photographs and diagrams.
Sailing guru Tom Cunliffe teaches sailors how to improve a vast range of sailing skills - from dropping anchor to planning a passage and from sailing harmoniously with your partner to using onboard electronics. Each chapter deasls with a specific skill and is highly illustrated with step-by-step photos.