Zeppelins au combat 1914-1918

von Buttlar-Brandenfels Horst

Publication date:
February 2016
Publisher :
Histoire et Collections
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ISBN : 9782352504535

Dimensions : 240 X 154 mm
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This work, written ten years after the end of World War I by Baron Horst von Buttlar, commander of one of the Imperial German Navy Zeppelins, tells the extraordinary story of air operations carried out by the Zeppelins over the Allied territories. This book presents memories of war, especially during missions and night bombings on England. Because for the first time since the invasion by Guillaume the Conqueror, England who had never been as threatened, is bombed in his heart, that is London. Also these nocturnal attacks are felt as a real trauma. And even if the quantities of bombs thrown on the English are infimy, this threat will remain engraved in the imaginations of the British to the Blitz of World War II. This book also presents the technique of Zeppelins, vector ultramodern battle evolution at the time because equipped with transmission and breathing apparatus.